United Technologies Corporation Leadership Center Training Center


  • Variety of Classroom types and sizes
  • Fully integrated AV systems to support learning
  • Facilities to support full time Training Administration
  • Breakout Rooms for small group work
  • Flexible Meeting Space for up to 200 participants
  • Full Service Dining Facility

Owner: United Technologies Corporation
Type: Corporate Training Center
Location: Farmington, CT
Area: 7,200 Square Feet
Completion: 2015

Project Description:

UTC fosters a culture of continuous improvement and supports lifelong learning with the goal of expanding their employees’ knowledge and capabilities. The UTC Leadership Center was established to support those goals by providing training and conferencing services to all divisions of the corporation.  UTC employees from across the globe can utilize the facilities offered by the Leadership Center.  The Center is capable of facilitating meetings of various sizes and styles with a full complement of meeting spaces, breakout rooms, casual lounge spaces and a full-time staff. 

One of the more flexible spaces available for meetings at the Leadership Center is a sophisticated training room that is also a dividable assembly space.  This space can function as three separate training rooms, or the walls can be opened to accommodate a meeting of up to 200 participants.  The room includes state-of-the-art Audio-Visual Technology systems to enhance both training and collaboration.  A challenge in designing the Leadership Center was the low ceiling height in the overall space.  In the Assembly area, the client desired the appearance of a high ceiling.  We accomplished this by painting the deck and mechanical systems a light gray and hanging ceiling clouds that gradually stepped up toward the front of the room.  This strategy succeeded in giving the space the desired appearance of height while providing an element to absorb sound and reflect light.  Vertical acoustic panels were also placed around the perimeter.  Careful placement of the AV control room within the footprint allows for the best viewing angle to the presenter and the displays.