United Technologies Corporation Dining Facility


  • Executive dining
  • New Kitchen, Serving Area, Dining Room and Terrace
  • Flexible “Pre-Function” for Dining Room and Meeting Rooms
  • Kitchen also provides for Catering to Meeting Rooms
  • "Networking Area” with a kitchenette and casual seating

Owner: United Technologies Corporation
Type: Executive Dining Facility
Location: Farmington, CT
Area: 6,150 Square Feet
Completion: 2015

Project Description:

United Technologies Executive Dining Room for 150 serves restaurant quality food for meeting participants at their Leadership Center.

The UTC Leadership Center serves as a hub of continuous improvement and employee learning for all of UTC’s subsidiaries.  The Center hosts meetings which include participants from around the globe in support of UTC’s commitment to training and education.  The Executive Dining Facility provides an opportunity for meeting participants to interact with one another while enjoying a restaurant quality meal on site.  The Dining Room, in combination with the Pre-Function Space, the Large Flexible Meeting Room and the Outdoor Terrace, allows UTC to host large, after hour events as well. 

UTC’s Corporate Headquarters is now composed of the six buildings that they occupy at their Farm Springs location in Farmington, Connecticut.  The Leadership Center, which is located within the 8 Farm Springs Building, is at the heart of this campus.  Facilities such as those found at the Leadership Center provide UTC with the ability to host “off-site” style meetings without the inconvenience of moving “off-site”.