The Hartford New Corporate Office Space


  • Open office workstations along the exterior wall

  • Full height conference rooms on interior core

  • Multiple locations for group collaboration

  • Large Training Center

  • Full service Cafeteria and Bistro Bar

  • Sophisticated AV technology

  • Full Fitness Center

  • Medical Clinic

Owner: The Hartford
Type: New Corporate Office Space
Location: Windsor, CT
Area: 475,000 Square Feet
Completion: 2009

Project Description:

The facility incorporates several amenities for the building occupants, including a full service cafeteria and bistro bar, a fitness center complete with cardio and strength training equipment, group exercise room, locker room facilities, a paved fitness trail at the perimeter of the site, and an employee medical clinic.  Technology was also important to the owner, and the building has extensive corporate training facilities and conference rooms, as well as a corporate board room; all of which have various levels of audio visual and video conferencing capabilities. 

Our office assisted The Hartford in a transformation of their work environments.  In the case of this Windsor Campus, most full height offices were eliminated in favor of open office workstations.  Individual workstation sizes were reduced to provide more space for collaborative areas.  Workstations were clustered into “neighborhoods” with informal meeting areas at the edges.  All full height construction was moved off of the exterior wall to allow natural light to flood the open office spaces and reach far into the interior of the building. 

Meeting rooms were built in three different size modules which would allow for simple reconfiguration, if required, in the future.  Project rooms were provided for groups that needed the ability to reserve a space for the duration of a given assignment.  A number of different size training rooms were provided to accommodate various types and styles of training.  All of these meeting spaces were outfitted with sophisticated AV technology which would enhance collaboration with team members who were both on-site and off-site.  A number of spaces were created to foster various degrees of informal collaboration.  The location and character of the break rooms and lounge areas provided a more casual environment for informal conversation.

The Hartford New Corporate Office Space