Southern Auto Auction Dining Facility Renovation


  • Automobile themed Servery
  • Dining Room with views of the auction lanes
  • 300% Expansion of Kitchen space
  • Phased Renovation and Addition
  • AV components

Owner: Southern Auto Auction
Type: Renovation/Expansion of Cafeteria and Dining Room
Location: East Windsor, CT
Area: 8,268 Square Feet
Completion: 2015

The Project:

In an effort to improve the customer experience for their auto dealers, Southern Auto Auction renovated and expanded the cafeteria located in their Administration Building.  This two-story addition provided not only space for the new Servery and Kitchen, but also doubled the available office space on the second floor of their building and provided much needed storage space in the new basement.

The 3,220 square foot dining room seats 165 people and provides for views of cars as they move into the auction lanes.  Digital displays are within view to keep diners up to date on the progress of the auction in each lane.  Automotive type finishes are utilized throughout the 2,000 square foot auto-themed server, which also includes the nose of a Cadillac protruding from the Grill station.  The new 3,048 square foot kitchen provides a new loading dock as well as ample cold and dry storage.  New state-of-the-art cooking equipment allowed the Food Service Operator to greatly expand SAA’s menu.

Consideration for the ease of maintenance was a driving force in the selection of many of the finishes and systems.  For example, porcelain ceramic panels were used in the Servery and span from floor to ceiling with a width of over three feet to minimize the number of grout joints.

A full basement was included in the building addition to simplify the installation of utilities to support the new Kitchen and Servery.  The introduction of the basement also facilitated the relocation of a number of existing utilities which were in conflict with the location of the building addition. 

The addition of a Second Floor to the Cafeteria Addition provided an economical solution for a much needed expansion of the office space on the second floor of the Administration Building.