ESPN North Campus Corporate Dining Facility


  • Full-service cafeteria and dining facility
  • 24 hour dining facility serving 1,400 employees
  • Seating for over 1,500 people
  • Marché style action stations
  • AV Technologies
  • Loading docks and solid waste facilities

Owner: ESPN
Type: Corporate Dining Facility
Location: Bristol, CT
Area: 29,300 Square Feet
Completion: 2011

Project Description:

The Dining Facility at ESPN’s North Campus in Bristol, CT, located in the geographic center of this sprawling single story building, was designed to provide their employees with an escape from their conventional office environment.  This full service facility occupies approximately 36,600 square feet in their 390,000 square foot North Campus and was designed to replace three limited service operations.  It was ESPN’s desire to have a 24 hour dining facility which would provide the 1,400 employees at this site with a common meeting place where they might cross paths with colleagues whom they might not typically see during the course of the day.

The CHK Design Team developed the design of the servery and kitchen around menu selections which were provided by the Food Service Operator, Flik.  We worked closely with the Flik manager to design the facility in such a way as to optimize the utilization of staff throughout the day and to limit their staff, but not the menu selections, during off hours. 

The high standard of service required in this servery involved a great number of menu choices.  In addition to the made-to-order salad, deli, grill and pizza station there are a large number of action stations where a cook prepares the patron’s meal in full view, Marché style.  To support this full service operation there is a large kitchen with adequate cooking capacity as well as cold and dry storage.  The introduction of a full service cafeteria operation into this building required the construction of new loading docks and solid waste facilities.  We were also able to introduce a series of new technologies in the disposal of solid waste to support ESPN’s green initiatives.

AV technologies were introduced into the servery to provide patrons with digital signage displays for menu choices and, of course, sports broadcasts.  The Dining Room is designed to provide a restaurant feel with a number of smaller, intimate seating areas with a combination of fixed and moveable furniture.