ESPN Main Campus Employee Center


  • Doubled size of existing food service facility
  • Employee recognition themed interior design
  • Office hoteling for visitors and off-site employees
  • Breakout spaces
  • Video walls
  • AV conference rooms
  • Computer lab

Owner: ESPN
Type:  New Construction and Renovation of kitchen, servery and dining areas.
Location: Bristol, CT
Area: 42,000 Square Feet
Completion:   2015

Project Description:

The new ESPN Employee Center expanded the existing cafeteria building on three sides with a newly constructed kitchen, servery, dining, an NFL viewing room accommodating 200 people including a substantial AV scope with two video walls, conference rooms, and an HR suite with Training Rooms, computer lab, reading room, and offices.  The Employee Center is a destination spot centralized within ESPN’s campus and connected through tunnels to protect employees from inclement weather.  It also is utilized for hoteling spaces where offsite employees or visitors can occupy one of the breakout locations for the day. 

The dining room expansion includes different environments, a lounge near a Starbucks, and a high end “restaurant”-feel spot for a break from the ESPN digital action.  The annex space has multiple hanging monitors with a sports stadium feel, including brick and exposed structure.  The northeast dining location is a more traditional cafeteria with booth seating and tables and chairs.  The existing footprint was expanded from roughly 22,000 SF to about 42,000 SF and required careful planning of foundation systems and fire separations due to soil conditions and the adjacent studio operations.

One of the major themes for the new Employee Center was to highlight and recognize the contributions by ESPN employees in service to our country and the many charitable causes that they have supported over the last 35 years.

To facilitate the renovations at the existing facility, the Design Team assisted ESPN with the planning for a standalone temporary food service structure to provide dining options for the campus employees for a period of 12 months.