Dade Behring, Inc. Warehouse Facility Renovation


  • Consolidation of Sales/R&D/Office/Assembly/Warehouse
  • Adaptive reuse of 100,000 Square Foot Warehouse
  • 50,000 Square Feet of Clean, Flexible Assembly Space
  • Large Quality Control Laboratory
  • Assembly Space as a Showpiece for Tours

Owner: Dade Behring, Inc
Type: Warehouse Facility Renovation
Location: Brookfield, CT
Area: 100,000 Square Feet
Completion: 2000

The Project:

This project involved the renovation of a 100,000 square foot warehouse building to accommodate the co-location of Dade Behring’s Connecticut Operations into one building.  The goal of this project was to bring all elements of this business together in a modern and efficient environment to improve communication and work flow.  Previous to this project, the office, sales and R&D functions were in a separate building from the manufacturing and distribution facility. 

This division of Dade Behring produced an enzyme analyzer used by hospitals.  The 50,000 square foot assembly area required strict controls of temperature and humidity.  The assembly work was done in cells, and these cells would change as the process changed.  The distribution of power, data and other utilities to these work cells was provided overhead in a way that allowed for constant reconfiguration.   Careful attention was paid to the control of static electricity throughout the work environment.  In addition to the assembly area, the project included an R&D lab as well as a warehouse/distribution center that included a large Quality lab.

Note:  Several years after this project was completed Dade Behring was purchased by Siemens Healthcare USA.