Clarus Commerce Corporate Headquarters Relocation and Renovation


  • Open collaborative environment
  • Specialty ceiling and lighting
  • Interactive Network Café
  • All staff work in an open environment
  • Conference Rooms and Huddle Spaces to support closed meetings

Owner: Clarus Commerce
Type: Corporate Headquarters Renovation and Relocation
Location: Rocky Hill, CT
Area: 15,000 Square Feet
Completion: 2015

Project Description:

This growing Technology Company relocated to accommodate their expanding employee base.  Clarus Commerce recognized an opportunity, by virtue of this relocation, to create a space which supported and reinforced their corporate culture, while providing their staff with a highly effective work place.  CHK was brought on board after Clarus had selected their new building to support and facilitate the vision of that new workspace.

The new office space needed to be on one floor but have some separation between business lines.  The Clarus staff has a median age of 24 years.  With this in mind, Clarus wanted to create a setting where this millennial population could get away from their desks and work in a space that supported alternate work postures in an open, collaborative environment.  We developed a large open café area that would separate the more “heads down” zones of their business from the more creative business lines.  The café separates the two, but also creates an area where all of the staff can come together.

The café area was spiked out to look and feel very different from the typical open office environments of staff workstations skirting the café.  We achieved this through specialty ceiling and lighting, comfortable seating, pantry millwork and coffee bar seating, as well as technology to support their work.  Personal workstation areas were reduced so that approximately 30% of the tenant space could be dedicated to the café and flanking meeting rooms.  Furniture was selected to reflect the Clarus Commerce corporate culture as well as their corporate branding colors.