Cigna Healthy Life Medical Clinic and Fitness Center


  • Flagship in Design and Technology for the Cigna Onsite Health Product
  • Maximized Convenience for Employees
  • Full Medical Clinic
  • Health Coaching
  • Physical Therapy
  • Biometric Screenings

Owner: Cignal
Type: Healthy Life Care Center
Location: Bloomfield, CT
Area: 55,00 Square Feet
Completion: 2017

Project Description:

Cigna operates over 50 Onsite Health Clinics with 130 Health Coaches across the country.  The Healthy Life Center in the Bloomfield, Connecticut Headquarters was designed to be the Flagship facility for the Cigna Onsite Health product.  The center is located directly adjacent to the main employee entrance in Bloomfield to maximize both convenience and accessibility.  The placement of the center on southwest corner at the exterior of the building allows for an abundance of natural light to flood into the space and provides views to the exterior for both the staff and their clients. The exam rooms were designed to support a series of innovative technologies that Cigna is integrating into their Onsite Heath programs. 

The Physical Therapy facility is designed to assist employees in recovering from injuries or surgery without having to leave “the office”.  This eliminates the stress associated with trying to “fit in” therapy appointments around hectic work and family responsibilities. 

Cigna has proven that Onsite Health works.  Through facilities like the Healthy Life Center in Bloomfield, they have shown that offering personalized, face-to-face services at the workplace can motivate employees to live healthier, happier lives.