United Technologies Aerospace Systems Customer Response Center


  • Ergonomically adaptive workstations and seating
  • Sophisticated switchable privacy glazing
  • State-of-the-art visual displays
  • Support facilities for mission-critical operations

Owner: United Technologies Aerospace Systems
Type: Customer Response Center
Location: Windsor Locks, CT
Area: 6,000 Square Feet
Completion: 2011

Project Description:

Designed to respond to incoming service calls—whether routine or emergency— the UTAS Customer Response Center (CRC) features 20 state-of-the-art workstations in a 24/7/365 command post.  Technicians staff the center in 12-hour shifts and benefit from ergonomically adaptive workstations and seating.  The workstations are powered and can be raised or lowered to accommodate both seated and standing employees.  Because workstation assignments change with each shift, CHK suggested the inventive use of rolling pedestals at each seat.  The pedestals “dock” under each employee’s locker in the Ready Room and are rolled out to their workstation at the beginning of each shift.  A restroom, break room and conference room have been provided as part of the call center.

Because of Federal export control requirements, sophisticated switchable privacy glazing was provided at the glass wall between the call center and the lobby.  With the flip of a switch, the glass becomes opaque and prevents visual access to the Center.  The project was designed and built in less than ten months.

Since the completion of the project in 2011, the need has recently arisen to expand the CRC by about 4,780 square feet.  The expansion accommodates additional open plan workstations, private offices and a conference room.