Cigna Data Center and Enterprise Command Center


  • State-of-the-art Enterprise Command Center
  • Total electrical service upgrade
  • New systems for UPS backup power & distribution for maximum redundancy

Owner: Cigna
Type: New Data Center
Location: Windsor, CT
Area: 50,000 Square Feet
Completion: 2002

Project Description:

The project provided a new 50,000 square foot two-story addition to Cigna’s existing 100,000 square foot Data Center located in Windsor, CT. The work included the complete renovation of the existing office space in a phased schedule in order to maintain the 24/7 operations of the facility. The addition included provisions for a “state-of-the-art” Enterprise Command Center housed within the command support operation group. Other project highlights included a new food service café, new fitness center, new equipment testing lab, and the complete rework of the onsite security egress and exit systems.

The expanded facility included construction of a new UPS system providing ten new 625 KVA modules with associated battery strings, configured into two five-module parallel systems. The new systems were set up with two new switchboards, utilizing twenty-five new static switches to offer maximum redundancy. The challenge for this project was to construct the addition and renovate the existing space without any disruption to the 24/7 operation.