Aetna Wellness Center Medical Clinic Renovation


  • Full Medical Clinic
  • Doctor’s Offices, Exam Rooms and Nurses Station
  • Pharmacy
  • Massage Therapy Room
  • Multi-Purpose Room

Owner: Aetna
Type: Renovation of Wellness Center
Location: Hartford, CT
Area: 6,278 Square Feet
Completion: 2010

Project Description:

Aetna understands that managing work, family and life in general, isn’t always easy. Their employee wellness program, Wellness Works, is designed to help employees enhance their health and work performance through a full range of programs. The Wellness Works Center includes four counseling rooms for individual discussion and assessment, a pharmacy, a massage therapy room, a group meeting room, and a full medical clinic. The clinic consists of a nurse station, two doctors’ offices, a lab, four exam rooms, a soiled holding room, and a work room.

The Wellness Center wraps around two sides of an attractive interior courtyard, and the various functional areas are arrayed in a logical progression from most public to most private. The project area totals 6,278 square feet.

CHK’s design introduces dynamic forms, finishes and colors.  At the main entrance, which opens off of a very busy corridor, passersby see both the pharmacy and the reception area, as well as the courtyard beyond.  The interior finishes palette includes attractive wood casework with stone counters and high-end accent lighting.  Sinuous ceiling soffits and corresponding carpet shorelines draw the eye deep into the space.  Glass-fronted meeting rooms provide acoustic privacy while maintaining visual access.